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Travel Tricks You Need To Watch Out For

Sometimes you can really get stung both when you’re planning your trip, or when you actually get there. You need to keep your wits about you to avoid being caught out. That’s why in this blog post I’ve made a list of the top travel tricks you need to watch out for.


Unfair Price Increases

I already said this in another blog post, but I shall say it again because it’s something that can easily catch you out. If you’ve found the perfect hotel, or some great flights, the more you visit that web page, the more the prices go up. And often, people just think it’s a standard rise, when actually you’re the only person they’re targeting with it. When you’re shopping around for your trip, always do it in incognito mode. That way, your browser won’t remember your activity, so prices won’t change.


Dodgy Websites/Sellers

A girl I know booked some accommodation through AirBnB and when she got there, it turned out the seller had been fake and just taken their money – it wasn’t even his apartment to rent out! They had to sort out alternative accommodation once they got there. She couldn’t have possibly known that, but with some sites you can tell if they look secure or not. If there’s no ‘https’ when you’re paying, get off there straight away. Where possible, try and stick to trusted booking sites when organising your trip.


The Holiday Rep

Holiday reps are great, and they can be super helpful, but always be aware when it comes to excursions. They get commission when they sell you an excursion, so obviously they’re going to try and get you on board. You’ll sometimes find that rep prices can be very high though. Wherever you are, there’ll be local excursion companies where you’ll most likely get the same excursion for a lot less money. Check them out before you commit to buying from your rep so you get the best deal.



You have to pay a daily travellers tax to your accommodation in some countries while you’re there, but this isn’t always disclosed. Make sure you factor this into your budget, although usually it isn’t too much. If it doesn’t mention the tax when you book, have a look into it yourself to see if it’s something you’ll need to pay. That way you won’t have any unexpected charges thrust upon you.



This is one of the worst travel tricks. It’s horrible to think that this could happen to you on holiday, but it could. When I visited central Morocco, we were warned about this all the time. We spoke to one woman who said she was robbed by street sellers. One distracted her with jewellery, while the other stole her purse from her bag. You don’t want to walk around suspicious all the time, but just stay alert. Also, be aware about leaving valuables in your accommodation. If you have a safe box, use that, or keep anything valuable on your person. Luckily, the worst theft I’ve faced so far in life was a Twix being taken from my hotel fridge in Turkey!


Unfortunately, there are ways that people will try and scam you when you’re travelling. The best thing you can do is be aware and do your best to avoid it. Keep these travel tricks in mind when you’re about to head off on your next trip and you’ll keep your hard-earned cash intact!


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