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Top 5 Things To Do In Camden

London has so many great boroughs, and one of my favourites is Camden! Despite living in London for a year and visiting plenty of times, I didn’t visit until recently. It’s such a quirky and unique place – you could spend hours there and not get bored. I’ve put together a list of top things to do in Camden, so if you visit, get them added to your itinerary!


Visit Cereal Killer Café

This place is a major hidden gem and visiting here was one of my favourite things to do in Camden! They serve cereal, which sounds basic, but they do it in such a cool way. They have a ridiculous range of cereals so you can either mix and match, or choose from a set menu. I got Unicorn Poop which was basically glitter hoops and marshmallows with bubblegum-flavoured milk. Tom got Spaceman which was mostly chocolately with white chocolate milk. They were soooo tasty! The back end of the little shop is the seating area and they have posters on the walls, cartoon characters everywhere, and they even have a section with beds for chairs! The cereal was quite pricy, but you’re paying for the experience, and it’s a very worthwhile one.

Camden Cereal - things to do in Camden


Shop in Camden Market

Of all the things to do in Camden, the market is definitely the main attraction. There’s plenty of hidden treasures to discover. From vintage shops to nerd stores, there’s such a wide range of shops to pop into. The whole place has such a cool vibe; it just feels really edgy and alternative.  There was literally so much stuff that I wanted to buy – I wish I had an endless supply of money sometimes! They sell things that you couldn’t just buy on the high street. Everything is either home-made or super unique. Even on the market street, some of the buildings have massive 3D models of shoes on the front of them! It’s definitely my kind of place because I’m a sucker for Vans and Converse!

Camden Market - things to do in Camden


Walk down Regent’s Canal

The day we visited Camden, the weather was gorgeous. It wasn’t particularly hot, but it was lovely and sunny, so it was basically the perfect day for a walk. The canal runs right past the market, and it’s a really scenic place. It’s nice to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of the streets and walk along the bankside. It’s a long canal, so if we’d had more time we could have gone quite far, but we just did a quick spin around.

Camden Canal - things to do in Camden


Visit the Amy Winehouse Memorial

Camden was a regular haunt for the late Amy Winehouse. She lived there and apparently was regularly spotted in the centre, so in Camden Market, there’s a memorial statue of her. People have added bracelets that they’ve bought from the market to her wrists which is a really nice touch. Her story is such a sad one, but she made such great music and was really talented, so it’s great they’ve got this statue there in her memory.

Camden Amy - things to do in Camden



There’s so many awesome cafés and plenty of street food that you can buy in Camden. Walking through the streets, there were so many incredible smells – it just made me want to eat anything and everything! There’s just something about street food that’s so much cooler, and here you’ll literally be spoilt for choice. There’s quite a lot of bars near the centre as well, but as we went in the morning, we didn’t hit them up for obvious reasons!

Camden eat - things to do in Camden


So, as you can see, there’s so many great things to do in Camden and it’s a great spot to check out. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to get to the London Dungeons! Be warned, Camden gets insanely busy, by the way. We went fairly early in the morning, and I would recommend you do the same. I’m sure you’ll love it! If you’re heading to London anytime soon, check out my other blog post: How To Do London On A Budget.



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