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Things To Do In Prague On A Budget

In September, I spent a few days in Prague with my Mam. I’d never been before and didn’t really know too much about the place, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I absolutely loved it and had an incredible time! Having already been on holiday a few times this year, I didn’t have loads of money to spend on this trip. But what I found is, there’s so many things to do in Prague when you have a limited budget. We squeezed a lot into our time there, and despite it being a large city, pretty much every activity we did cost us very little. I’ve put together a list of my favourite budget things to do in Prague. If you ever visit, be sure to give them a go!


John Lennon Wall

The Beatles are world-famous, and in Prague, John Lennon is particularly popular. So much so, there’s a wall dedicated to him right in the centre of the city. Since the 1980s, people have added Beatles lyrics and graffiti inspired by Lennon to the wall in his memory. Even to this day, graffiti is still added! It’s such a vibrant and impressive sight and I’d definitely recommend going to see it. I can’t claim to be an enormous Beatles fan, but regardless, anyone would appreciate this landmark.

things to do in Prague - John Lennon Wall


Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments

Ok, this sounds a bit gruesome (and to be honest, it kind of is) but I really enjoyed visiting this place. It’s just at one end of the famous Charles Bridge, so very central, and it only costs around £7 to get in. The name basically gives it away; it’s a 3-floor museum dedicated to torture instruments from medieval times. Some of the things they used to do to torture people are just unimaginable. I really enjoyed finding out historical facts and I learnt a lot walking around it. Some of the instruments are pretty grim so if you don’t have the stomach for gory details, this might not be for you!

things to do in Prague - Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments


The Market

The market was really cool. I love markets anyway, and this one didn’t disappoint. There was the most incredible fruit displays, souvenirs, trinkets, jewellery…the list goes on. I bought myself a really nice bracelet because I always like to buy one whenever I visit a new place! If you want to get cute presents for people, or just have a general look around, this is a great place to go.

things to do in Prague - The Market



My Mam loves churches, so on our first day of sightseeing she said she wanted to visit some. Obviously, I was going to go but in my head I figured they would be a bit dull – I was so wrong. The architecture inside the Czech churches was possibly the best I’ve ever seen. The statues and carvings, and just the sheer majestic nature of them was actually incredible. No photos will ever do them justice. Being churches, they’re free to go in and you can stay as long as you like, so they’re great to visit.

things to do in Prague - Churches


The Jewish Quarter

Visiting the Jewish Quarter was the priciest activity we did in Prague, but even then, it wasn’t that expensive. Your ticket gives you access to a few places including all the synagogues and the Jewish Cemetery. Like the churches, the synagogues are amazing. The detail and grandeur is fantastic, and they’re really worthwhile seeing, My favourite part of the Jewish Quarter though, was by far the Old Jewish Cemetery. Visiting this place is easily one of my top recommendations for things to do in Prague.

things to do in Prague - Jewish Quarter



I’m a sucker for a pedalo, and where better to take one for a spin that down a river where you can admire a city as beautiful as Prague?! On our final day, me and my Mam hired a pedalo for an hour – I can’t remember how much it was exactly, but it was definitely less than £10. It was great because you can go up and down the river and take in the sights as you go. It’ll also help you work off the insane amounts of ice cream I guarantee you’ll consume!

things to do in Prague - Pedalo


Prague Castle

Prague Castle is great, because you can visit and enter certain parts of the complex for free. For example, the incredible St. Vitus Cathedral is based up there, but you only have to pay to enter a certain area of it. You can see the rest (i.e. basically the whole cathedral) for free. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it into the palace because we spent to much time at an on-site café, but we did walk around the rest of the grounds. The main attraction of visiting the castle is the spectacular view of Prague. As the castle is based up on a hill, from the viewing point you can overlook the entire city. It really is something special.

things to do in Prague - Prague Castle


Just Walk

Honestly, one of the best things to do in Prague is walk. Just walk. The buildings and architecture are amazing, and because everything major is fairly central, you’ll see a lot on foot. You can walk across the Charles Bridge – great spot to get a caricature done by the way – and discover little shops and café’s in the beautiful streets. We walked up and down the river, and around the Old Town Square, and we really got the full experience of the city. If you find your legs need a break, there’s plenty of sightseeing buses you can hop on and hop off whenever you like, so you’ll still see all the best bits!

things to do in Prague - Walk


So there you have it – the best budget things to do in Prague! Prague is an incredible city – I really couldn’t recommend it enough. There’s loads of other great stuff you can do besides what I’ve put on this list so be sure to do your research before you go. If you’re into budget city breaks, check out one of my other posts: How To Do London On A Budget


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