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The Ultimate Guide To Disneyland Paris

They say it’s the most magical place on earth. And after visiting Disneyland Paris earlier this year, I can fully agree with that statement. I absolutely LOVED it! Me and Tom had gone to Paris for a few days for my birthday, and there was no way I was going to Paris and not seeing Disneyland. Like most people, it was my childhood dream (okay, it was kind of my adulthood dream too). I wanted to write this blog post to kind of relive the whole amazing experience and also share my ultimate guide to Disneyland. There’s so much to see and do once you get there, so hopefully this guide will help you to make the most of your time there. Regardless, you’ll love the place no matter what – you’re crazy if you don’t!

Disneyland Suzy

Disneyland: The Basics

Where is it?

Disneyland is located just outside of central Paris, and it’s super easy to get there. The RER A train takes you to Gare de Marne la VallΓ©e Chessy station, and as soon as you exit the station you’re looking at Disneyland. Like any major city, the French subways are very well connected so you’ll be there in no time!

What’s there?

Once you get there, there’s 2 parks: the main park, and the studio park. The main park is the bigger of the two and the main attraction, but the studio park is definitely worth visiting too. Click the links below to view a map of each park so you can see exactly what’s there:

Map of Disneyland Park

Map of Walt Disney Studios Park

How do I get tickets?

It goes without saying, you need to buy your tickets in advance. You can buy tickets from many places, including the official site, but we got ours fromΒ Attraction Tickets Direct. With your booking on this site, you also get vouchers. We got 15% off dinner at Planet Hollywood so that was a nice little bonus! There’s lots of ticket options you can choose from: one parks, two parks, one day, two day etc. so you can just pick what’s best for you.Β 

The Lands

The main park is split up into different lands and here they are…


This land is all about the Wild West and includes attractions like Big Thunder Mountain. This wasn’t my favourite, but come on, it’s still Disney!


It is what is says on the tin – all about adventure. From Pirates of the Caribbean to Indiana Jones, Adventureland is seriously exciting and there’s plenty for you to explore.


Discoveryland is quite futuristic so there’s lots of Star Wars-esque stuff if that’s what you’re into. The Hyperspace Mountain ride is a major attraction here – the queue was so long we didn’t make it on!


By far my favourite land – this is all about classic Disney. It’s like stepping into a fairytale! Snow White, Cinderella, Frozen…it’s all right here.

Main Street USA

Another classic Disney feature. There’s really cute old-fashioned shops and cafes all selling awesome treats, or fun merchandise. And right at the end of Main Street, you can see the castle. It’s a great place to stroll around when you first enter the park.

Disneyland Main St


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

It felt so surreal when I first saw it. It just makes you feel so excited! There’s gorgeous Sleeping Beauty stained-glass windows inside and it’s just generally majestic. I don’t need to sell this to you. This is the pinnacle of Disney, so obviously it’s a must-see.


We saw a parade when we were there and it was so good! All the characters are there, everyone’s happy, there’s music… it’s just everything you’d imagine a Disney parade to be.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride

I think this was my favourite ride in the whole park – it was so good! It’s a boat ride inside an underground cave and there’s all these pirate figurines that move and make noises – Jack Sparrow even pops up now and again. It’s a fairly basic ride but I enjoyed it so much and it’s definitely worth trying.

Disneyland Pirates


Terror Tower ride

This is in the studio park and it was incredible. The theme of the whole ride is a spooky hotel and you go right to the top of the building, get in the ride, and then it’s just a sheer drop down to the bottom. It jumps and stops at different floors and it’s so fun! Make sure you have a head for heights and stomach drops before getting on this though!

Gift Shop

You can’t leave Disneyland without some form of souvenir – it’s just unheard of. I got myself a pair of Minnie Mouse ears (it wasn’t even a choice, it was a given), and we got a fridge magnet and matching key rings #couplegoals.

Statue of Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse

Disneyland wouldn’t even be a thing if it wasn’t for Walt Disney, so you need to stop by the statue of him and Mickey at the entrance of the studio tour. It just feels really special, and you should give a wave to the guy who probably made your childhood 100x better!

Disneyland Statue

I can’t explain how amazing Disneyland is. If you’ve never been, you have to go and experience it for yourself. Hopefully this little guide will make your trip even better!


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