The best things to do in Chester

I recently visited Chester on a work trip. I’d never been before so I didn’t really know what to expect, but now I can put it down as one of favourite UK cities. The city centre itself is relatively small and compact, but there’s a ton of great stuff to do. The activities on this list are, in my opinion, the best things to do in Chester!


Visit one of the many cute cafes

The streets of Chester are crammed full of some beautiful little independent shops and loads of cafes. You know those really cute ones where the food feels really fresh and natural? Those! The best one I visited was called The Jaunty Goat, and it was as quirky as the name suggests. We stopped there for brunch (I can 100% recommend the poached eggs on stone baked bread) and it was just a great atmosphere. Really chilled and rustic, and definitely worth a visit.

Take a walk around the city walls

The famous walls in this city are epic, and if you’re looking for cool things to do in Chester, a walk around the city walls should definitely be on your list! The views of the streets and of the River Dee are gorgeous, especially on a sunny day. You can dip on and off the walls as you please, which we did to walk along the river front. The walls circle the whole city so walking along them is a great way to do a spot of sightseeing and also work off all the insane amount of pastries you’ll consume at the aforementioned cafes!

Visit the Grosvenor Museum

I was expecting a super large museum, but it’s quite the opposite. There are quite a few rooms to look around, but it’s perhaps smaller than you think. I loved it though! There’s an art gallery type of room with plenty of historic pictures of Chester, and there was also a death-themed room which sounds weird but bear with me on this! From ancient skeletons and coffins, to a classic Victorian mourning outfit, there was a lot of great stuff in this room. I’m not morbid in the slightest, but if found it really interesting.

Walk around the streets

The buildings in Chester are breath-taking to be quite honest. The literally look like old Tudor houses and I love that style of architecture. I took soooo many pictures of just buildings, it’s ridiculous! There’s the famous clock in the middle of the high street which is definitely worth a look. It’s simple but beautiful, and it’s all lit up at night which makes it look even better. As I said, there’s some cute independent shops to see, as well as your standard high street chains, so you could easily spend a few hours wandering around the city centre.

Visit Storyhouse

Storyhouse only opened in 2017, so it’s still fairly new to the city. It’s fantastic and offers a great range of things to do in Chester. It’s a library, theatre, cinema, restaurant and more all rolled into one! We had a guided tour of the building, so we were able to see everything in one go which was great. One thing I particularly loved is that they have a poet of the year so there’s loads of short poems stuck to the walls all around the place. They were all really inspiring as well, actually, so it gave me a nice little boost reading them.

Check out the Cathedral

The cathedral was hands down the highlight of my visit to Chester, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It was absolutely stunning inside, and we had a guided tour which explained loads of historical elements about the building. The tour was about an hour though, so if you don’t have muh time to spare, you may be better off exploring it for yourself. The cathedral gardens are beautiful, so definitely pop outside to see them. It’s even just things the stone passages and general atmosphere were amazing. Inside the cathedral, they’re also making a mini cathedral out of Lego! It’s really cool to see, and you can donate money towards buying more bricks to finish it.

Can you tell how much I loved Chester! I literally feel like I’m gushing about it. It may not be a city you think of straight of the bat because it’s slightly lesser known, but it’s equally as good, if not better that some of the more major UK cities. Anyway, I hope this list has given you a bit of inspo when you’re thinking about things to do in Chester, but whatever you do, I think you’ll love it!

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