The Best Places To Get Destination Inspiration

I’m always on the look out for new places to visit! There’s a big world out there, but sometimes I struggle for ideas and need some destination inspiration. If you find yourself in the same boat, there are plenty of ways you can get inspired. Here’s a list of my favourites…



Instagram is just massive these days and for this reason, it’s definitely an amazing port of call for destination inspiration. Just type in the location and you’ll see millions of pictures come up for you to scroll through! You won’t get a full run-down on everything a destination has to offer, but you’ll probably see top attractions and get a great feel of what the place is like. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words!



Another top place for destination inspiration is Pinterest. It’s such a great platform for ideas and inspiration, and I love having a look through it. A lot of people think it’s social media, and it is similar, but mainly it’s a search engine. Even if you have absolutely zero idea of where to go and search a really random phrase, they have pins for you! They link to places all over the web where you can read, and find out more, about certain destinations or search for more inspo.



Well, you’re in the right place for this one because blogs are a brilliant place to get some destination inspiration! The best thing is, you can find out about places from people who’ve actually been and visited them. As well as a general overview of the place, blog posts will usually include recommendations and advice about what to do/what not to do when you’re there. This is super helpful because it’ll save you time researching everything yourself. Check out the places I’ve been if you need some budget-friendly destination ideas!



This may be a bit of an obvious one, but I’m including it just in case! Google is just a standard place to head for inspiration because you can literally type in anything and hit search! “Budget destination ideas”, “best places to visit in Europe”, “where should I go on holiday”… Search whatever you want and you’ll definitely find something useful. Google is just awesome and can send you to so many more sites than you could ever find on your own, so you should definitely use it during your search.


Speak to people

Just like with blog posts, talking to other people and hearing about their travels is a brilliant source of destination inspiration. Ask your friends, family, colleagues, or even do a post in a Facebook travel group and get people’s opinions. You can read all the sales jargon on places like travel agent websites, but they won’t give you a true representation of what a destination is really like. Some of the best inspo definitely comes through word of mouth, so sometimes it’s best to step away from the computer screen!


So, if you find that your stream of destination inspiration has run dry, don’t worry. There’s plenty of places that will give you a helping hand in finding an amazing place to visit. Good luck in the search, and enjoy your trip!


  • Corina

    Great post. I have to say Instagram inspires me a lot. All these nice photos of beautiful destinations. So I am checking out quite some new destinations for our next 2 years !

  • Kristen

    My personal go to’s from this list are Pinterest and other blogs. I enjoy Instagram for personal reasons, but sometimes feel that I see the same places over and over. I love that I can search for a blog and find a personalized viewpoint on just about any destination. I trust personal blogs over big mainstream tourism websites nowadays. Good recommendations!

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