New Year Travel Resolutions

It’s almost the end of 2018… where did this year even go?! I’ve had such a great year of travelling; probably the best of my life. I went to Dublin in February, Paris in March, Crete in June, Prague in September, London in October, plus loads of smaller, more local trips in between! 2019 is a new start! I’ve already got Berlin booked for February, so I’m really excited to see where my travels will take me next. As we’re heading into the New Year, I’ve thought about some cool little travel resolutions to get the most out of my ventures. You should take these on board too!


Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

This is at the top of my travel resolutions list because I can definitely be a creature of habit. There’s so many new things you can do or try, and you’ll never find out how great they are unless your push yourself out of your comfort zone and do them! It could be something as basic as choosing to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel, or going on a hike up some mountains when usually you don’t like walking activities. Trying new things will broaden your horizon, make your trips more fulfilling, and give you some fantastic memories!


Be Impulsive

I’m definitely more of a planner as opposed to an impulsive person, but being impulsive can be fun! For example, booking a last-minute flight and hotel on Friday night and flying out on Saturday afternoon would be awesome. Sure, there’d be lots to do and sort, but it’d all be possible and it would be really exciting. As they say, you only live once, so adding impulsiveness to your travel resolutions will definitely lead to good things.


Explore Locally

I travel on a budget, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to explore locally. You can go on plenty of day trips and one-night stays in areas nearby and it really makes you look at your hometown from a different perspective. Often, we can miss all the great things in our own city because we see them every day and take them for granted. If you need some inspo on how to do it, you can read one of my other blog posts on how to be a full-on tourist in your own city.


Think Outside The Box

The world is a very big place, so you don’t want to go back to the same spots time and again. That’s why thinking outside of the box is one of the most important travel resolutions. If you want to book a beach holiday, don’t just think “Majorca. Standard”. Look into more obscure places; places you may not have even heard of, let alone considered visiting. Spice up your passport and think up some totally different destinations you could check out next year!


Budget Better

This is Budget Travel Bugs, so I couldn’t not mention budgeting! When it comes to travelling, it can be very easy to get carried away and overspend, so budgeting better could be a good resolution for 2019. It could be that you spend a bit more time doing price comparisons before you book up somewhere, or you could just limit the amount you usually spend on holiday clothes. Remember, small things save BIG money. The more money you save, the more money you have to put towards future trips!


Hopefully these travel resolutions will give you some food for thought! If you decide to try them out, I bet you’ll enjoy your 2019 travels even more. Happy travelling!


  • Sarah

    GREAT resolutions!

    I am going to combine your “thinking outside the box” and “getting out of my comfort zone” and explore these places in the world that intimidate me a bit… usually the ones I know the least about!
    I am also a budget traveller so the budget thing is a recurring one, too!

    Let me think… what can I give up this year that will save me even more?

  • Chloe

    “Be impulsive” might be my favorite! 🙂 So impressive how many places you went last year. That’s definitely something I’d like to do more this year, so I’m subscribing to follow along! I’m not always good about budgeting for travel so this’ll be great.

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