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How To Save Money For An Upcoming Trip

Going on a trip isn’t always as simple as book flights, book accommodations, pack bags and go; sometimes it requires you to spend some time saving up. Trying to save money can be hard because as soon as your monthly wage comes through, it starts getting chipped away – there’s just never enough! If you really want to go away though, you need to commit to saving money, and here’s how you can…


Start A Fund

You can’t trust yourself to just keep money to one side in your current account because you’ll likely just keep borrowing from it. You need to set up a separate saving area and put your money straight into there, then it becomes (to some degree) untouchable. It’s also a good way to keep track of what you’ve managed to save so far so you assess how far you are from your target.


Sell, Sell, Sell

There’s always something to sell. A pair of shoes you’ve held onto for a year and still haven’t worn, an old instrument you don’t play anymore, clothes that don’t fit anymore…the list goes on. If you’re selling things second hand, you may not get loads of money for them, but every little helps, right?! At the end of the day, if it’s stuff you don’t use, surely it’s better to earn something off them.


Cut Your Spending

Have a think about your spending habits and figure out where you can make cuts. Do you always go out every Saturday night and spend too much on booze? Well, rather than going out every week, maybe just do it fortnightly. Take a packed lunch to work instead of eating out, and buy cheaper food brands. It’s the small little compromises that will make the biggest difference and help you save money.


Earn Some Extra Cash

To save money quicker, try and earn a little bit extra cash. You can do things like take part in focus groups and you can get paid for your time – it’s such a basic and no-hassle way to make money fast. You don’t necessarily need to take on a second job or anything like that, you can just do small things on the side and it’ll add up.


Hit The Sales

If you need holiday clothes, think ahead. If there’s a sale on, try and pick up whatever you can there to avoid paying full prices. Maybe try out cheaper shops as well that you may not usually go to. Some people hate Primark, but you can buy basic sun tops for like £2, so places like that are at least worth a look.


Saving money can be seem difficult, but it can be a lot easier than you think. I know that me and Tom always find it hard to really knuckle down and save, but it’s possible! If you stick to it, you’ll have enough money for your trip in no time.


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