How To Beat The January Blues: Make A Scrapbook!

January is a tough month – especially when your next holiday seems a lifetime away. It’s always a bit of a bittersweet feeling when you come back from holiday . You’ve had an incredible time away, you feel refreshed and relaxed, but now it’s over and you’re back to reality. Actually, let’s be honest, it can often feel more biter than sweet! The January blues arrived in abundance, but rather than focusing on getting back to the grind of daily life after Christmas, bring out the holiday vibes in a rather special way…

The Idea: A Scrapbook

In an age of technology and smartphones, we take pictures on holiday, upload them to our iCloud and it’s not very often that we go back through them. When I was little, my Mam always had a stack of photo albums bursting with pictures of me growing up, and even to this day they’re such great keepsakes!

Crete was mine and Tom’s first big holiday together; we’d done a few city breaks, but they’d only lasted a few days, so this was a mini landmark for us! That’s why this month, we had the idea to create a holiday scrapbook all about it. We’d saved loads of little things from Crete, like receipts from excursions, mini umbrellas from cocktails we’d had, our boarding passes etc. so, we thought we’d make a book of holiday memories where we could keep all of these things and write about our Greek experiences.

The Process

The first step was to go all our holiday pictures and print out our favourites. We wanted the scrapbook to be like a story of each day we were there. Some of the days, we didn’t do all that much apart from wandering to and from the buffet and sunbathing. But every day without fail, there was at least one hilarious conversation or ridiculous event we could write about. Plus, we had a range of face-pulling selfies to choose from if we needed to fill any free space in the book!

Going back through everything was great because it triggered little memories we’d forgotten about. Plus, it was a great chance to spend some proper quality time together.

To get you started, the bare basics you’ll need are:

  • A scrapbook (obviously)
  • Printed photos
  • Any mementos from your holiday
  • Some nice writing pens
  • Any extra decorative bits you want

The whole book cost us less than £30 to create. We bought the scrapbook from Paperchase for £12. We just had to print the pictures and buying cute stickers to include. For something so special that you can keep for years to come, and that will be endless fun to actually make, I’d say that’s a bargain! Without blowing our own trumpet (well, maybe I am a little bit!), I think we did a really good job with ours. Obviously, it’s not exactly a masterpiece, but it sums up us a couple and it’s a really sweet way for us to remember what an amazing time we had.

So, what do you think of this idea? I hope you decide to give it a try and it may make you feel more positive this January!

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