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Hotel vs. AirBnB: Which Is Best?

The AirBnB craze sort of crept up on all of us a while back, and now it’s a massive trend for a lot of travellers. In the past, we’d always stayed in hotels as it was just the given thing to do, and we’ve had some great experiences. When we went to Paris though, we stayed in an AirBnB and it was awesome! Beautiful apartment, good price, and right next to the Arc de Triomphe – the dream. It can be hard choice when it comes to the hotel vs. AirBnB debate, but these aspects should hopefully help guide your decision.



Winner: AirBnB

One of the best things about AirBnB is the flexibility you get that sometimes a hotel can’t give you. There’s no curfew, no breakfast deadlines, and for the time you’re there you can basically do what you want with the place. It’s basically your own apartment in a city, and that’s a really cool thing. You feel more at home, and to me, it felt like more of a relaxed and independent environment. If you really want to get to grips with the city, a really good way to achieve that is to feel like a local in your own place.




Winner: Hotel

With a hotel you have keycards, you have staff at reception 24/7 and you’re in a building where you know you’re safe. In an AirBnB you don’t have that security, and that can be a deal-breaker, especially if you’re travelling alone. Persoanlly, I do feel more secure in a hotel vs. AirBnB accommodation. If we have any issues or something goes wrong, I know that we have a base where we can get assistance. We won’t just be left to our own devices.



Winner: AirBnB

If there’s a large group of you, or you have kids, what you really want is space. And in the hotel vs. AirBnB comparison, AirBnB wins every time. If space is important to you, the last thing you want is to be cooped up in a boxy hotel room. With AirBnB, you’ll have an entire apartment/house to yourself so there’ll be more than enough room for everyone. You probably won’t be spending much time indoors anyway if you’re on holiday, but it’s nice to know when you get back you aren’t stuck in one room for the night. When we were in Paris, we loved stretching out and chilling in our own apartment at the end of the day; it just made it feel more like ours.



Winner: Hotel

It must be said that hotel amenities are far better than anything you can get from an AirBnB. Breakfast can be included in the price, and maybe even your dinner. All those anti-holiday activities (like washing towels, emptying the bins, making the bed etc) all get taken care of by the hotel staff. This means you can completely take a break from reality and focus solely on chilling! With AirBnB, you have to be self-sufficient and everything is on you. You can’t just call down to reception for room service or leave your luggage past check-out time so you can have one last venture out bag-free. If all these things aren’t an issue for you, then great. But if you like your creature comforts, choose a hotel vs. AirBnB.




Winner: It Depends     

Maybe not the answer you wanted, but honestly, here’s no clear winner when it comes to cost. If you’re in a bigger group, AirBnB will probably be cheaper, but you can also get some really great hotel deals with plenty of extras thrown in, so it really is dependent on a lot of things. It’s probably best to think about your needs, chosen destination and based on that, do some research and price comparisons. Sometimes hotels will win out, and sometimes AirBnB will – you literally can’t call it.


It can be very hard to choose between a hotel vs. AirBnB. It really comes down to your personal preferences and what you’re looking for from your accommodation. If you consider all of the factors above, hopefully you’ll be able to get a steer in the right direction!


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