Famous Landmarks That Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

We’ve all got a travel bucket list. Even if it’s not a physical thing, everyone has a mental list of places they’d like to see, or stuff they’d like to do. When you’re sat in bed scrolling through Instagram looking at all the travel pages you follow, you can get a bit envious, right? The world is so big, and there’s so many things you want to see right now, but it’s not that easy. You have your whole life though, so figure out your must-see and in time, you’ll get yourself there.

There’s a ton of amazing landmarks all over the world, but I’ve picked out the top 10 that I think should have a spot on your travel bucket list. See what you think!


The Colosseum

This is one I’ve already ticked off my travel bucket list, and it was awesome! It’s one of those places that just feels totally steeped in history. The amount of people who’ve passed through there, gladiators, spectators, emperors… It’s actually crazy! Such a great spot that’s more than worth a visit. If Rome’s a place that interest you, check out my guide to it here.

The Colosseum


Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal just looks epic doesn’t it?! It’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world for a reason. Whenever I see a picture of it online, it just looks like it’s not real, it’s that amazing. It would be so good to actually see it in person. India itself looks like a really interesting place to visit generally, so I’d love to go one day. 

taj mahal


The Statue of Liberty

There’s a ton of must-see places in the States. It’s such a big country and it’s got so many world famous landmarks, that I found it hard to not make this list all about the USA! In the end, I’ve opted for the iconic Statue of Liberty. It’s basically one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of America, so it’s a landmark you need to get to.

statue of liberty


Christ the Redeemer

The Christ the Redeemer statue is infamous in Brazil, and the world over. I can’t even imagine how beautiful the view from the top must be! Brazil always looks like a country that has a great mix of everything; culture, beaches, carnivals etc. It’s definitely on my list.

christ the redeemer


The Eiffel Tower

Another tick on my travel bucket list! I went to see the Eiffel Tower when we visited Paris in March 2018. It was a bit surreal, because like everything on this list, you’ve seen the pictures a thousand times. Of course, we went up to the top as well and the view was incredible!

eiffel tower


Sydney Opera House

Another incredibly cool landmark that you need to see. The harbour around it looks spectacular as well! One of friends is currently living in Sydney and I really want to go and visit her and experience life on the other side of the world! I feel like she could give me a great tour of the place as well because there’s loads of great stuff in Oz.

sydney opera house


Great Wall of China

It’s a given, but it still needs to be on here. The Great Wall of China is simply legendary and dates back over 2,000 years. It’s an insanely long wall, so you’d need comfy shoes… not that you’d ever walk it all anyway! My go-to shoes for travel are Converse or Vans all the way. Style and comfort. The perfect combo!

great wall of china



Even at school, I always loved learning about Greek mythology and all the Gods and Goddesses. I’ve been to a couple of Greek islands, but never the mainland, but I want to go there to see Acropolis – the ancient citadel located above the city. It contains the remains of the most ancient buildings in Greece and it looks out of this world!



The Grand Canyon

Again, another classic item on the travel bucket list, but it’s on there because it’s awesome! The dream would be to take a helicopter ride over it or something. Apparently, the absolute best times to go and see it (basically when it’ll look it’s absolute best) are sunrise and sunset.

grand canyon


Machu Picchu

I’ve seen a few documentaries that have covered Machu Picchu and they really made me want to go and see it. It’s an Inca citadel located in a mountain ridge in Peru. It’s believed that the Incas built it around 1450, but left at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Believe it or not, it wasn’t a well known landmark until 1911 when it rediscovered!

machu picchu


There are so many landmarks on here that should be added to your travel bucket list. Of course, there’s so many more, but it’s a good place to start! Which ones have you seen already, and which would you like to see in the future? Let me know 🙂



  • Chloe Daniels | Clo Bare

    Holy cow– Christ the redeemer looks amazing. I’d never heard of that!

    The Great Wall of China is EVERYTHING it’s cracked up to be. It might’ve been one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been.

    Great list! Manchu Pichu is definitely next up on my long list and I might have to add Brazil to the top too!

  • Bailey | Trekkers In Training

    I would love to see all of these places! I have seen the Colosseum in Rome & the Statue of Liberty.

    Next on our list is Christ the Redeemer – we are hoping to travel South America once we are home from a 6 month US road trip.

    Great list! Happy Travels.

  • Brigi

    I really want to go to Greece and Italy for a whole country trip and spend at least a month there – eating, drinking and being careless 😊 My number one on my list is Aruba – this is an island where you can get really close to flamingos. The water is crystal clear, too. Cocktails and flamingos, the place just sold itself to me haha.

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