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    How To Beat The January Blues: Make A Scrapbook!

    January is a tough month – especially when your next holiday seems a lifetime away. It’s always a bit of a bittersweet feeling when you come back from holiday . You’ve had an incredible time away, you feel refreshed and relaxed, but now it’s over and you’re back to reality. Actually, let’s be honest, it can often feel more biter than sweet! The January blues arrived in abundance, but rather than focusing on getting back to the grind of daily life after Christmas, bring out the holiday vibes in a rather special way… The Idea: A Scrapbook In an age of technology and smartphones, we take pictures on holiday, upload…

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    Budget Christmas Travel Ideas

    Christmas is just around the corner and I’m really excited! I love the festive feeling, seeing the city centre lit up, and hearing Christmas music all over the place. The only problem is with Christmas, is that it’s super pricy! You have you buy presents for people, and generally everything seems to be more expensive. Travelling around at Christmas is really fun though, so don’t let money get in the way. That’s why I’ve made a list of budget Christmas travel ideas that you can look into over the festive season…   Christmas Markets I love a good Christmas market! The German market in Leeds is amazing, and I’ve been…

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    Top 5 Things To Do In Camden

    London has so many great boroughs, and one of my favourites is Camden! Despite living in London for a year and visiting plenty of times, I didn’t visit until recently. It’s such a quirky and unique place – you could spend hours there and not get bored. I’ve put together a list of top things to do in Camden, so if you visit, get them added to your itinerary!   Visit Cereal Killer Café This place is a major hidden gem and visiting here was one of my favourite things to do in Camden! They serve cereal, which sounds basic, but they do it in such a cool way. They…

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    Things To Do In Prague On A Budget

    In September, I spent a few days in Prague with my Mam. I’d never been before and didn’t really know too much about the place, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I absolutely loved it and had an incredible time! Having already been on holiday a few times this year, I didn’t have loads of money to spend on this trip. But what I found is, there’s so many things to do in Prague when you have a limited budget. We squeezed a lot into our time there, and despite it being a large city, pretty much every activity we did cost us very little. I’ve put together…

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    The Ultimate Guide To Disneyland Paris

    They say it’s the most magical place on earth. And after visiting Disneyland Paris earlier this year, I can fully agree with that statement. I absolutely LOVED it! Me and Tom had gone to Paris for a few days for my birthday, and there was no way I was going to Paris and not seeing Disneyland. Like most people, it was my childhood dream (okay, it was kind of my adulthood dream too). I wanted to write this blog post to kind of relive the whole amazing experience and also share my ultimate guide to Disneyland. There’s so much to see and do once you get there, so hopefully this…

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    5 Cool Things To Do On A Long Journey

    We get really excited about going away, but the thought of spending hours on a train/coach/plane isn’t always particularly appealing. I can be quite impatient, so when I have a long journey ahead of me I can get really bored, or even worse, IRRITABLE. However, to master my boredom/complaining, I’ve come across some fun activities to do that pass the time and make the whole ordeal much better. You might find these things will make the journey better than the actual holiday…. LOL, joke, but they can definitely make it more bearable!   1. Top Trumps Me and Tom have recently become obsessed with Top Trumps. It all started when…

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    Budget Activities For When It’s HOT!

    Summer is here at last and we’re all excited! Life is just so much better when the sun is shining, and it opens the door to lots of fun activities. The UK is renowned for its rubbish summers, so when the sun makes an appearance, we need to get outside and make the most of it! There’s some really nice, budget activities you can do when the weather is on point, and best of all, they’re nice and cheap!   1) Picnic I love a good picnic, and they rank highly on this list of budget activities! As I live in Yorkshire, there’s so many beautiful places nearby to travel…

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    A Fun Way To Make Holiday Shopping Exciting

    It’s a stereotype that girls love shopping, and yes, some of us do, but even for a shopaholic, holiday shopping can get tiresome. Somehow when you actually know what you’re looking for, it’s more of a struggle to find it. They don’t have your size, or the colour doesn’t suit you, or sometime there’s just nothing at all you like. Boys can also be difficult when it comes to holiday shopping too (if you have a boyfriend who rejoices at the thought of clothes shopping, lucky you – hold onto him). Some of them can’t be bothered searching through all the rails, or trying anything on, and they just want…