Budget Christmas Travel Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m really excited! I love the festive feeling, seeing the city centre lit up, and hearing Christmas music all over the place. The only problem is with Christmas, is that it’s super pricy! You have you buy presents for people, and generally everything seems to be more expensive. Travelling around at Christmas is really fun though, so don’t let money get in the way. That’s why I’ve made a list of budget Christmas travel ideas that you can look into over the festive season…


Christmas Markets

I love a good Christmas market! The German market in Leeds is amazing, and I’ve been every year that I’ve lived here. The food is incredible (I usually buy at least one batch of churros!), there’s music, rides, and stalls full of quirky little gifts to check out. Christmas markets are always free to look around, so you don’t need to spend loads of money when you go. They really get you into a Christmassy vibe as well. There are markets in pretty much every city, so you can head out on a day trip to a new place and see what they’ve got on offer.

Christmas Market


Lights Switch Ons

Every city/area has their own Christmas lights switch on. As it’s now December, most places will probably have already done theirs, but it’s one to bear in mind for next year! We went to the lights switch on in the (slightly rough) area in which we live, and it was hysterical… but kind of for all the wrong reasons! These events are pretty much always free and they’re usually a good laugh. You could even travel to a new city to see their lights switch on instead of staying in your own place.


Winter Walks

Me and Tom love donning our wellies for a winter walk. Walking is free and fun, so it’s a win-win situation and a great Christmas travel idea. Check out if there are any good walks around where you live and get out and explore. As I live in Yorkshire, I’m super lucky because there’s some amazing country walks right on my doorstep. But even if that’s not the case for you, you’ll easily be able to get somewhere scenic in an hour or so. Wrapping up in your hat, scarf and gloves and going for a long walk is really refreshing during the winter months.

Winter Walks


Last-Minute Flight Deals

If you’re feeling impulsive, a good Christmas travel idea could be to just jump on a plane. Treat yourself to a last-minute flight to somewhere cool – even if it’s just for a day! It’s nice to have a break from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life. Prices around Christmas are generally higher, but there’s always a deal to be had somewhere; you just need to have a scout around. It’s fun to experience the build-up to Christmas in another country and see how they do things. Plus, you’ll get some great festive pics!


Visit Friends & Family

This is a given around Christmas. However, there may be a friend/relative who lives somewhere a bit obscure that you haven’t visited in a while. If you head over to see them, you can kill two birds with one stone – see your loved one and explore a new place! If you’re lucky, they may be able to put you up for a night or two as well and show you around the area where you live. It’s a great way to see somewhere new and take in all the festive scenes while not having to spent too much cash.

Family Friends


The run-up to Christmas can be stressful, so take up one of these Christmas travel ideas and give yourself a break. Sometimes you need to just stop and actually soak up the festive feeling so you can really enjoy the season. There’s so many options and things to do in December, so don your best wooly hat and get out there!


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