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Budget Activities For When It’s HOT!

Summer is here at last and we’re all excited! Life is just so much better when the sun is shining, and it opens the door to lots of fun activities. The UK is renowned for its rubbish summers, so when the sun makes an appearance, we need to get outside and make the most of it! There’s some really nice, budget activities you can do when the weather is on point, and best of all, they’re nice and cheap!


1) Picnic

I love a good picnic, and they rank highly on this list of budget activities! As I live in Yorkshire, there’s so many beautiful places nearby to travel to on a nice day. Recently, me and Tom spent a Sunday afternoon in Roundhay Park with a picnic. Our budget for it was £15, so we hit the supermarket and managed to get a lot of good deals on items that were reduced or on offer.

We found a great spot in the park overlooking the lake, where we laid down my pink Playboy blanket, that I’ve had since I was 14, and had our picnic. As the weather was so great, we stayed there for hours just relaxing in the sun and wandering around the park. We had a really lovely time, and we were stuffed by the end of it (my food baby reached new heights), so all in all it was a very successful picnic!


2) BBQ

If a picnic isn’t quite your thing, the summer is the perfect time to crack out the BBQ and cook up a storm! You can buy sausages or burger (Quorn if you’re a veggie) from the reduced section which makes it a lot cheaper as meat can be expensive. There’s always ciders or beers on offer in the supermarket too – my personal favourite is when Bulmers and Rekorderlig is on 3 for £5; such good value! You can also buy disposable BBQs for next to nothing; we got a £2 one from Wilko and it worked a treat.

You can go out to a park for your BBQ, or do it your own back garden if you have the space. There’s a big field just across the road from our flat, so that’s where we usually go. One thing you need for a BBQ is a great playlist, and on Apple Music there’s one called Summer BBQ which has some absolute bangers (forgive the sausage pun) on it, so you can blast the tunes and enjoy your food!


3) Pedalo

Pedalos are such good fun, and great for a hot summer’s day – and they’re one of my all time favourite budget activites. There’ll definitely be a park near you that has a lake, and they’ll likely offer pedalos over the summer months, so it’s worth looking into. You can normally hire them for about 30mins and they’re really cheap! You can just pedal up and around the lake, take in the scenic sights and enjoy relaxing together. It’s good exercise as well, actually, but last time me and Tom went on a pedalo, I’d just been to the gym so my legs were in bits. I intermittently just kept putting my feet up and let him do the hard work!

Few tips for pedalo-ing: avoid going near the trees at the side of the lake because midges will feast on you, and beware of birds because a seagull once pooed on my knee while I was riding a pedalo and I’ve been somewhat wary ever since!


4) Walk

One of the best things to do during the summer is get out and walk. A lot of us live in busy cities where there’s lots of noise and pollution, so it’s refreshing to get out into the country for a walk. There’s so many places we’ve been around Leeds: Otley, Brimham Rocks and Knaresborough, to name a few, and they’re just stunning places. You don’t have to go hiking up massive hills, you can literally just go for a leisurely stroll down a canal or something. It’s always great when you come across a little country pub as well where you can sit in the beer garden and chill with a hearty lunch and a nice cold drink. The best thing about going for a walk is that it doesn’t cost you a penny (not counting the pub lunch!)


5) Relax

If you’ve had a busy week and it gets to the weekend, you don’t need to get out and active when you really can’t be bothered – you can just relax. Sit outside with a pack of cards, a good book, or just go out and have a nap (don’t forget the sun cream though!). The weekends are made for chilling after all! Some people can find sunbathing really boring – Tom hates it and gets twitchy very quickly – but if you enjoy soaking up the rays, then don’t feel bad for resigning yourself to doing absolutely nothing!


With the weather being so beautiful lately, it’s the perfect time to try out some of these budget activities and enjoy it. If you haven’t tried any of them, I’d definitely recommend every single one. Are there any other budget activities that you’ll be getting up to this summer? If so, share your inspo!

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