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Biggest Travel Mistakes That Will Cost You

Everyone can slip up, but there are some travel mistakes that can really end up costing you. I’m definitely guilty of making some of the mistakes on this list myself, so I want to tell you what they are, so you don’t make them too! It’s not about being on your guard all the time – it’s a holiday after all! But it’s just about being conscious of things that could leave you out of pocket. Here are the main offenders…



It can be really hard to decide what to take away with you on holiday. You may just think ‘fine, I’ll take it all’. But this can end up costing you. If you pack too much, you may get to the airport and find that your case exceeds your luggage allowance. This means you’ll have to pay extra to take it on board with you, and you don’t want to be down on cash before you’ve even left the country. Try and weigh your case before you leave the house. If you think it’s too heavy, you’ll have to be brutal and see what can be left behind.


Spending too much too early

When you first get to your holiday destination, it’s super exciting! There’s so much you want to see, do and buy, which is ok, but keep an eye on your spending. If you go crazy in the first few days, you may well come to the end of your holiday and find you don’t have that much money left. Spread your spending out or try and set yourself a daily budget to stick to. This way, you won’t end up scraping your last few Euros together with three days to go.


Eating out

Everyone loves indulging on holiday but eating out can be expensive. That’s not to say don’t do it, but if your budget is a little tight, don’t do it all the time. Maybe try and buy cheaper lunches and then you can spend a little more if you eat out on an evening. Better still, go all inclusive! That’s what me and Tom did in Crete and it was such a great decision! Although, I did probably eat my body weight in ice cream.



If you’re in a new place, it’s the easiest thing in the world to just flag down a taxi to get from A to B. But taxis abroad obviously make most of their money from tourists, so they’re never cheap. Although it’s a little more hassle, see what public transport options there are. Especially in cities, the public transport links are usually great, so it’ll work out cheaper if you choose to take a bus or tram instead of taxis all the time.


Using your card & phone abroad

This is possibly one of the biggest travel mistakes you can make. People don’t always check with their bank or their phone company before going away, and then they get unexpected charges slapped on them. If your phone company charges you for usage abroad, it’s probably best to just keep it on airplane mode the whole time you’re away and just connecting to WiFi where possible. With money, make sure you have enough physical cash with you, so you don’t have to use your card. Transaction fees abroad can be quite steep, so you don’t need those in your life.


Carelessness with belongings

From leaving your bag open while walking around, to leaving valuables on display in your hotel room – it can be easy to be careless with your belongings on holiday. And this can be one of the msot costly travel mistakes. You’re not constantly on alert because you’re on holiday, relaxing. It’s important to take care with your possessions though, because losing your phone, wallet or currency while away would definitely put a dampener on your holiday and it’ll cost you quite a bit to replace everything.


Some travel mistakes are so easy to make, but you just need to be aware of them. You don’t want a holiday to cost you more than it needs to. If you’re savvy, you’ll have a great time and not come back totally broke!


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