A Long Weekend In Wensleydale

At the beginning of August, it was mine and Tom’s anniversary. Initially we thought about doing a European city break, but it was going to be quite expensive, so we decided to do something a little different. That’s how we ended up staying in a yurt in Wensleydale. During our time there, we didn’t spend too much money at all, so it’s a great trip idea if you’re budgeting. It’s definitely something I’d recommend as well because we had an amazing time there, so this post is to tell you a little more about our whole experience!

The Location

As I said, the yurt was in Wensleydale which is right in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales. It was a really rural place and the views were amazing. We live about 10 minutes from Leeds city centre, so for us the location was a refreshing change from all the hustle and bustle. There was a little village about a 5-minute drive away, but apart from that, it was quite a trek to any form of civilisation. The yurts were all based on a farm, and I think every morning we were there Tom was woken up by the same rooster. I slept like a log, so I wasn’t bothered by it! It was so different to what we’re used to, but we were ready to become honorary country folk for a few days.

The Yurt

I’m not a camper at all, but a yurt is more like glamping – it’s basically your own little cute house. It had little fairy lights streamed across the ceiling and everything! What was hard to adjust to, was the fact there was no electricity. There was a hot tub outside, but it had to be heated up with actual burning wood, so Tom felt very caveman-esque as he chopped up the wood with an axe. It was actually really fun living the simple life for a few days and going back to basics. It took us a few attempts to get the gas canister-powered hob working, but besides that, we managed relatively ok!


We stayed from Friday night through to Monday morning, and we did two main activities while we were there. We wanted a relaxing break, so some of the time we just hung out in the hot tub and around the yurt rather than trying to squeeze loads in.


The first place we went in Wensleydale was White Scar Cave which is the longest cave tour in England. It was really warm outside, so we’d turned up in shorts and a t-shirt, but inside the cave it was damp and freezing so we sort of failed on that score. It was a really cool thing to do though (despite the cold). The cave was just amazing, and the final chamber was seriously impressive. I’ve never been in a cave before so that’s now ticked off my non-existent bucket list!



On the Sunday, we made our way to Aysgath Falls. It was such a nice day, so we decided to walk there over the fields. This led to lots of hopping over styles, and me basically tip-toeing through a field of cows because Tom said one had charged at him once and there was no way I was having that happen to me! Aysgarth Falls was a really scenic place, and we had a fun day out there. We crossed the falls using the stepping stones and by some miracle didn’t fall in. There’s so much natural beauty out in the countryside so I’m so glad we got to see so much of it. The ice cream in the Yorkshire Dales is on point as well, by the way. I justified having loads of it because of all the walking we were doing.


If you can’t afford a holiday abroad, it doesn’t matter because there’s some great places just like Wensleydale to visit in the UK. The Yorkshire Dales are beautiful, and I would recommend taking a few days to go up there; especially if you’re used to city life.

One thing we’d recommend though, is take your own supplies. These small farm shops are quite expensive, and there aren’t any supermarkets nearby, so make sure you take plenty of stuff with you. We worked out what we’d need for meal times and took anything non-perishable with us. Really simple things like soup, beans or pasta are a good shout. Also drinks and snacks for during the day are good to take with you. It saved us a lot of money taking our own food with us. We had lunch out one day, and dinner the next, but besides that we just used what we’d taken.

Also, if like us, you have no electricity, make sure you take a decent portable phone charger. I have a really cheap one that we took, and it was useless. Our phones were dead most of the time. We weren’t that bothered about using them, but it was more for taking pictures… and using Google Maps to navigate ourselves past the fields of cows.


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