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A Fun Way To Make Holiday Shopping Exciting

It’s a stereotype that girls love shopping, and yes, some of us do, but even for a shopaholic, holiday shopping can get tiresome. Somehow when you actually know what you’re looking for, it’s more of a struggle to find it. They don’t have your size, or the colour doesn’t suit you, or sometime there’s just nothing at all you like. Boys can also be difficult when it comes to holiday shopping too (if you have a boyfriend who rejoices at the thought of clothes shopping, lucky you – hold onto him). Some of them can’t be bothered searching through all the rails, or trying anything on, and they just want to go to Nando’s and forget the whole sorry affair. So, if you go holiday shopping together and he’s bored because he’s already tried on 20 pairs of shorts he hates, and you’re stressed because can’t find one, single damn bikini you like, you both get fed up and cross and what’s supposed to be a fun, exciting trip turns into a nightmare… well, it doesn’t have to.

Couples holiday shopping may get you down, but there is a little trick me and Tom have adopted that can make it more fun. We set a budget for each other – usually £10-15 – set a timeframe, and we go off and buy each other a piece of holiday attire. Whatever the item is, we agree to wear what the other has bought at least once on the holiday. Now this brings a lot of creative freedom, because you can choose to be nice or you can choose to be cheeky. For example, you could buy a t-shirt they may actually like, or some crazy cactus-shaped sunglasses or a luminous pink vest with #idiot written on it. It’s up to you!

If you’re bored of shopping for yourself, it can be fun to switch it up and go on a little mission to find something for your partner or your friend. You could even do it as a group and pick names out of a hat like Secret Santa. Tom was kind to me when we went to Greece. He bought me a £10 dress that I’d seen in Primark earlier that day, but hadn’t bought myself because I’d seen the queue (it was a Saturday, so you can probably imagine the state of it) and after hours trawling around shops, I really couldn’t face that sort of chaos.

I ended up buying him a £14 pair of shades from River Island which were bright red and a little bit ‘out-there’ so I guess I was going more down the humour/idiotic route than the thoughtful route (can you tell who’s the better person in this relationship?!) When we exchanged items, he tried them on and to my surprise, they did actually suit him and he loved them – they barely left his fact the entire holiday!

We still had to face the holiday shop, but we were in much better spirits afterwards. You might think it sounds stupid, but it is actually really good fun, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! You don’t even need to do this during a dull holiday shop, you can literally do it anytime you like. Your budget can be as small or as big as you like, the only condition is you stay within it – so give it a try and see how you get on!

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