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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Clicking ‘Book Now’

Booking a holiday is crazy exciting, because this is it! You’re booking your holiday and it’s going to be amazing! You don’t want to dampen that excitement in any way, but there are some important financial questions you need to ask yourself before you take the plunge and flex your bank card because most likely, you’re going to spending quite a chunk of money here and it needs to be the right decision. If you can truthfully give satisfying answers to each of the questions below, then I’d say you’re ready!


Can I afford it?

Sometimes our ideas exceed our budget, and that’s something you need to be aware of. Yes, that hotel with a private pool that overlooks a crystal-blue sea is incredible…but can you actually afford it? If you can, amazing; but if by clicking ‘book now’ you’re jeopardizing paying your household bills it may not be the wisest idea. Most likely, you will have to cut back on your other spending in order to pay for a nice holiday, but just make sure you’re not leaving yourself with nothing (or even worse, stuck in your overdraft).


Is there a booking discount?

The site you’re booking through may have a special offer on, so don’t forget to check! When me and Tom booked our holiday to Crete, Thomas Cook were advertising a discount code that you could add in at the checkout to get an extra £100 off – they didn’t automatically discount it for you. If you’re rushing through to book, amidst the excitement you could miss something like this, so double check before you finalise your booking.


Am I getting good value for money?

You may be paying a large sum of money, but there could be additional charges. Some travel companies charge quite a lot for additional baggage, or some hotels will charge crazy amounts for WiFi. If you’re booking somewhere, step back before you hit confirm and really assess whether you’re getting a good deal. Try not to be blinded by the hotel, or the destination as hard as that can be – just try and objectively assess whether or not you’re being ripped off financially. If you are, it may be worth having a rethink.


What’s the cost of living?

When you book and pay for a holiday, that’s just the start! You should look into the place you’re going and assess the cost of living. If the standard cost for half a pint of beer is £4 then you need to think whether that’s affordable. If you’re away for a week, or longer, you’re going to be consuming a lot of food and drink, and paying for other things such as taxis or excursions – and these costs add up. Make sure the living costs of your chosen destination marry up to your own budget so you don’t find yourself too stretched financially.


Have I looked around enough?

Have you looked at different travel providers? Have you tried price comparison sites? Don’t settle for the first hotel/holiday package you come across; make sure you’ve had a good look around to see exactly what’s on offer for your available budget. Searching can be half the fun because it builds excitement! If you’re satisfied that you’ve done enough research, it’s time to commit!

These quick-fire questions could end up saving you a lot of dollar in the long run, so they’re worth thinking about. It’s really easy to make snap decisions when booking a holiday, but just try and make sure you’re making the right choices so you have the best possible experience! When you’re ready, seal the deal, book your trip and let the good vibes roll!

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