Long Journey: People Watch

5 Cool Things To Do On A Long Journey

We get really excited about going away, but the thought of spending hours on a train/coach/plane isn’t always particularly appealing. I can be quite impatient, so when I have a long journey ahead of me I can get really bored, or even worse, IRRITABLE. However, to master my boredom/complaining, I’ve come across some fun activities to do that pass the time and make the whole ordeal much better. You might find these things will make the journey better than the actual holiday…. LOL, joke, but they can definitely make it more bearable!


1. Top Trumps

Me and Tom have recently become obsessed with Top Trumps. It all started when we bought a pack of Marvel Top Trumps for our trip to Crete – we only bought them for the plane journey, but we ended up playing quite a few times once we were actually on holiday! Since we’ve come back, we’ve bought some Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean ones: #toocool. They are really good fun though, and a good way to pass the time.

Top Trumps: Things to do on a long journey


2. Word Search

For our 4th date, me and Tom went to Scarborough for the day. Once we’d boarded the train, I found out he’d been a busy bee. He’d planned out our entire day, and created a word search online – the words I had to find were all clues to the activities we’d be doing that day. it was such a cool idea, and I really enjoyed doing it and trying to figure out the clues. Once I’d done it, my prize was bubblegum-flavoured Millions so it was a win-win situation! (He saved the word search and put it into a memory book for me!) Check out the online generator he used to make it here.

word search: Things to do on a long journey


3. People Watch

Maybe I’m just nosy, but I love people watching, and to be fair, it’s a very entertaining activity for a long journey. Pick someone out and make up a story about them – who they are, what they do, where they’re going etc. My rule tends to be, the more extravagant and unrealistic the better! Obviously, just make sure you don’t stare too much, and don’t let them hear you because that might end up being a bit awkward…

people watch: Things to do on a long journey


4. Something Creative

If you have a lengthy journey ahead, you have a lot of time to focus and create something impressive. When we went away, Tom took a notebook on the plane and he brainstormed some ideas for his music. I was fast asleep for about an hour, so I was no company! In day-to-day life, it can be hard to find time to do creative things like drawing, or writing, but when you have a few hours ahead of you, it can be the perfect time to make a start on something.

creative journal: Things to do on a long journey


5. DMC: Deep, Meaningful Chat

Whoever you’re chatting with, speak to them about things you wouldn’t usually talk about. Take turns to ask each other questions – they have to be properly interesting ones though, such as ‘tell me something you’ve never told anyone else’, because if you’re asking each other about your favourite foods, you’re kind of missing the point of a DMC! You might actually find out something really cool that you didn’t know before, and that’s always fun.

couple chat DMC: Things to do on a long journey


So what I’m trying to say is, long journeys don’t have to be such a pain if you know the right ways to occupy yourself! As they say, it’s not all about the destination it’s about the journey – I think that’s meant to be more metaphorical than literal, but still, you may as well make the best of the trip because it’s all part of the holiday vibe. Enjoy!

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