5 Budget Travel Quotes To Inspire You

I’m a sucker for an inspirational travel quote. Although they’re just simple quotes, they can be a real inspiration to book a trip, get out there and explore as much of the earth as you can! Obviously, there’s loads of quotes about travel, but I’ve made a list of my top 5 favourite budget travel quotes that I hope will give you a bit of inspo!



Travel Quotes 1

You’ve probably seen this on my homepage, and of it’s my favourite out of all the travel quotes in this post. It basically sums up exactly what Budget Travel Bugs is about! It shows that you don’t need to have a stack of money, you can still travel well and have an amazing time doing so.



Travel Quotes 2

There’s so much you can do, and so many places you can go. You don’t need spend money to enjoy yourself there either. You could easily drive to the country and visit a waterfall – that’s travelling. It’s beautiful, and it’s free!



Travel Quotes 3

So what if you have less money than other people? You can have incredible experiences with the money you do have, and that makes you richer. Think about it. Even if you died (bit morbid) and you were poor, but had seen as much of the world as you could have, you’d probably die happy… Well, as happy as you can be about dying.



Travel Quotes 4

If you’re on a budget, potholes are a given. You might end up staying in really rubbish places, and you might not be able to do everything you wanted to do on a holiday, but enjoy it! You’re somewhere amazing, so enjoy yourself and make the most of it no matter what. You’ll enjoy your travels more if you worry less.



Travel Quotes 5

This travel quote is all about priorities and realising what’s really important. Experiences win over money, hands down. Money doesn’t rule your life, so get out there and see what you can. There’s always a way to do so on a budget!

Feeling inspired? The thing all of these travel quotes have in common is they’re basically telling you to get out and see the world, and embrace the fact you’re on a budget. Go on, what are you waiting for?!

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